Tour Belizean Cultural places!

    Belize is abounding with its own unique cultural treasures

    Land of the free by the Caribbean Sea home to many different races and faces. Can we define a Belizean by one ethnicity not really we are a wonderful mix of so many different origins making Belize our home. So whether you want to take a city tour or a tour of the Belizean market on market day or to a remote Mayan  site and village YOU BETTA BELIZE IT!!!! Belize will have you in no time immersing yourself into our cultures. Whether it is Maya, Mestizo, Kriol or Garinagu or East Indians or any other ethnicity we can safely say we have it all.!!!! The best part is we all live together as one!!!!

    Tour Belizean Outdoors and Adventures!

    Nature has blessed thee with wealth untold from coral isle to blue lagoon to majestic mountains and valleys to series of underground caves and  virgin rain-forest. Yes this is Belize with adventures of flying through the jungle canopy on a zip line to rappelling down a waterfall. If you like adventure then do a 3 in one zip  and dip and rip through the muddy trails on your ATV and float through a cave on your inner tube. Early riser experience the misty morning and watch the rain-forest come alive with activity from colorful tropical birds over (602 species) to crocodiles lurking waiting for breakfast to the roar of the howler monkeys. We also offer a medicinal botanical survival tour of the rainforest. Lastly don’t forget not to be missed our wonderful marine aquatic coral gardens to schools of tropical fish from the small damselfish to horse eye jacks of the Belize Barrier Reef.


    Let Us Help You With Transportation Assistance!

    I first started working for a bus company in 1984 and learn the in and outs including driving buses and tour dispatching to owning my guide services. So if you need transportation in a transfer or tour or organizing an excursion or tour to Cancun Merida or as far as Mexico city or heading West to Tikal Guatemala as far as San Salvador I have experience. If you like a transfer to the Airport or your own personal shopping guide in Mexico (Chetumal) or transferring your pets to Merida without the hassle of being in a bus please call me Ellis Ken.

    We Have Hotel Recommendations!

    Belize has a wide category of hotels  guesthouses resorts and Air B&B to VRBO. So whether you want a hotel with a view of a waterfall deep in the mountain forest to a spa resort that will pamper and soothe your senses. Belize even has private island resort to rooms over the sea outside of the reef. We also have home stay programs where you go back to the basic simple life.


    Request a Multi-day Tour (custom)!

    Sometimes you need to get away from the hustle and the bustle or you need to go on a scouting expedition to your retirement destination or a vacation getaway. You can design your own multiday tour or we can play it by air no schedules no hassle no stress. Belize land of the free!!!

    Eliceo Ken

    Born in Corozal Town, Ellis has been a tour guide for over 22 years.  He is spilling over with facts, tid-bits and stories about his beloved country and all the sites in it.


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